Chuck & Lency Spezzano

Modernes psychologisches Know-how verbunden mit spirituellen Prinzipien

Chuck und Lency Spezzano haben gemeinsam ein Heilungsmodell entwickelt, bei dem modernes psychologisches Know-how verbunden mit spirituellen Prinzipien wirkt. Es zeigt klar und deutlich, wie unsere innere und äussere Welt miteinander verbunden ist, was uns die Kraft der Entscheidung zurückgibt, unser Leben zu ändern, aktuelle Herausforderungen zu erkennen und zu bewältigen. Lency Spezzano hat sich inzwischen aus der aktiven Seminartätigkeit zurückgezogen.

"Psychology of Vision was developed by Chuck Spezzano, Ph.D and Lency Spezzano, M.S. through their psychological practice. Between them, they have over 80 years experience in working with clients, developing and honing more efficient ways of working with the mind and utilizing grace to improve lives. Their experience reconfirmed many of the core principles of visionaries of the past, including Freud, Jung, Frankl and Perls. The Spezzanos researched and developed methods and techniques that allowed them to work deeply in the mind with profound ease and speed. Their work continually evolves as they train and heal people around the world." Psychology of Vision Website (2021): about, [online] [22.08.2021]

"Chuck has a B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology from Duquesne University followed by a Masters in Sociology and a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology from the United States International University. His professional background is in Counselling Psychology, Family Therapy, Short Term Crisis Intervention and Marriage, Family, and Child Counselling. He also worked as a psychologist at the Naval Rehabilitation Centre at the Miramar Air Station in San Diego , California , conducting thousands of therapy groups and individual sessions." Psychology of Vision Website (2021): Chuck Spezzano, [online] [22.08.2021]

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